Friday, October 22, 2010

minneapolis/st. paul airport

Today I flew to meet my mother-in-law and fitness partner, Pam, in Minnesota for our weekend certification course.  Because we were flying from different parts of the country, our planes arrived at different times.  I got to MN around lunch and was starving.  I remembered Pam telling me about a really yummy bruschetta she had at one of the airport restaraunts, so I found out where it was and went.

It's called the "French Meadow Bakery Cafe" and it's the first organic restaraunt in the MSP airport. didn't look how I expectd it to, but it was delicious. 

We had a great evening at the Mall of America--Christmas shopping!  :)  Why not start early?!

We're excited to learn as much as we can tomorrow as we embark on our fitness endeavour. :)

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