Monday, October 18, 2010

jj travels to wisconsin

This past weekend, JJ went to two big football games in Wisconsin with his Dad.  On Saturday, they headed to Camp Randal Stadium for the Wisconsin/Ohio game and Sunday went to the mecca of Wisconsin, Lambeau Field.

While JJ was busy tail-gating, I was busy sprucing up our place by shopping for a welcome mat with my friend, Megan. :)  We also enjoyed a delicious batch of Rice Krispies.  :)

Thanks to Pier 1, I got a very fall-ish looking rug to wipe our shoes on and welcome people to our home.

I also got to spend some quality time with Jessica and David!  We had been anticipating watching the movie, "Babies" together--so we finally did!  This picture was taken pre-babies on a Target run. 

This weekend I also saw the movie, "Life as We Know It."  With the early bird special, it was only $4.50! Yay!  Thanks, Kyla and Stephanie for such a fun afternoon!  It was definitely a predictable chick-flick--but for $4.50--well worth my money spent.

Even though it was such a fun weekend with the girls and a fun weekend for JJ, I'm so glad to have him home!! :)  So, here's to you, J-Man!  Welcome Home!  You were missed.

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