Friday, January 28, 2011

Get excited!

Oh my dear friends...I feel I owe you a big apology.  I have not been the best blogger within the last month, because I've actually been working on a fun surprise. :) 

One of my favorite things about blogs are reading other blogs.  I feel like it's the best way to gain advice, insight and inspiration to make my own blog...better!  My desire is for you to feel encouraged and interested in what I have to say. :)  So, this is what I've decided...I needed a new direction.  So, that's what I did.  After a few little tweeks...I'd like to introduce you to (drumroll please)....!!!  Yes, the name is changed, the look is changed, the material is fresh, but the blogger is still me. :) 

I've so enjoyed creating Little Miss Fitness and I hope you will enjoy it, too.  So, get excited and check it out!  :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a griddle and an xbox

Friday was a fun night for the Peterson's.  We headed to our local Best Buy and Target and bought some late Christmas presents:  a griddle and an xbox. :)  What a combination.

When we got married, I knew one thing I needed to learn to make and make well was Bisquick pancakes.  They are JJ's favorites and though the recipe may seem easy to follow, there are a couple things that I've learned from his mom that make these pancakes extra delicious.  :)  One being using water instead of milk so the consistency of the batter is super thin.  They are a favorite breakfast meal when they're flat and perfectly golden.

A griddle has been on my wish list for awhile and I'm so glad to finally have it as a kitchen gadget.  Pancakes, bacon, sausage, grilled cheese, eggs...the options are limitless!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

an easy dinner

Last night was burger night at our house, and boy was it good!  At Publix this week they have these huge boxes of Jennie-O turkey burgers on sale (buy one, get one) so you better believe it--we are stocked for the winter. :)  All I did was put them in a baking pan with a dash of garlic, onion and basil powder and broiled them for a few minutes on each side.  (**I took the pan out and flipped them  to ensure thorough cooking on each side)  With a side of steamed brocolli, it was a delightfully satisfying meal. 

On a side note, JJ and I are excited to be Aunt's and Uncle's again to our new niece Mary!  She was born this past Saturday to my brother and his wife.  We love her so much already.  She's even wearing a hat courtesy of an Orlando shop, Lulu Belle! :)  It's a beautiful baby boutique!
I'm thankful that God's first and only choice to be this little baby's mom and dad are my brother and sister-in-law.  She's in good hands. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

will bike for icecream :)

For Christmas, JJ received a giftcard to a local shop called, "Jeremiah's Ice."  It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to bike our way to the icecream. JJ brought his phone and we found our way as we rode.

Jeremiah's Ice was amazing!  Have you tried it?  Wow, that's all I have to say.  I tried the Strawberry/Lemon and Bahama Breeze icee with vanilla soft-serve.  JJ tried a mint chocolate chip, cookie dough with chocolate icecream.  It looks like he liked it! :)

 With full stomachs, we headed home.  It was the perfect energy boost (a.k.a. sugar boost) to get us home.
If you ever get to a Jeremiah's Ice, take the time to stop in.  I recommend the strawberry/lemon icee. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

target & mac and cheese

 What a great day off!  It started around 9:00 a.m. with a piece of peanut butter and honey toast and a 4 mile run.  The sun was shining and the air crisp and cool.  The only unfortunate part of the run was grabbing the wrong key and getting locked out!  Good thing JJ wasn't too far away and I was able to get his keys.

This afternoon, I received a surprise call from my co-worker and friend, Jessica.  She needed a friend to hang out with while her car was in the shop and I was lucky enough to be that friend.  :)  First on our agenda, a Target run.  She needed to pick up some things for work, so we headed on an adventure in search of the downtown Orlando Target.  As you can see, this Target was truly "Super."  They even have an escalator for your cart!

Four rugs, a few buckets, and one coffee and one Cinnamon Dolce latte later, we headed back to my house and made some Annie's Mac and Cheese.

Annie's produces all sorts of yummy, organic snacks and meals.  You can find this at your local Target or Whole Foods.  (At least this is where I've seen it.:)  One of my favorite Annie's products are the Cheddar Bunnies.  Like goldfish snacks, but better!  The only down side is... you can't just have one.  :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

good run, good friend, good salad

I love going on a run after not working out for awhile.  I have to admit I fell off my regular routine when we went home for Christmas, but being back in this 70 degree weather just makes me itch to run!

To cure this, my good friend Carrie and I went on a 4 mile run.  It was the perfect temperature, cold if you're standing, warm if you're running.  We had such a good time catching up after not seeing one another for a couple weeks over Christmas.  When I moved to Florida, I didn't think I would find someone like my friends from home.  But, lo and behold, I found Carrie.  She's the best.  Both JJ and I have so much fun with her! :)

After a good run, we had some good eats.  On sale at Publix this week is "Al Fresco Chicken Sausage."  (Buy one, get one) I have never had it before so I thought I'd try it. :)  The best thing is that it's fully cooked.  All you have to do is heat it through on the grill, in a pan, on broil or in the microwave.  It was a good buy!  I chopped up a bunch of vegetables and added some dressing I had bought a couple weeks ago that was also buy one, get one.  It was a delightful dinner.

I feel like there are so many ways to have a salad.  They never should get boring.  :)

What is your favorite salad?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

photoshoot courtsey of brooke peterson photography

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was a beautifully framed photograph that JJ's talented sister Brooke took over Thanksgiving, as well as a disk of the Thanksgiving images.  I love how they turned out, so I thought I'd share her work with you here!  :)

 Thanks, Brooker for these!  I am blessed to have you and Kaylie as sisters! :)  Check her photography out at: