Wednesday, October 27, 2010

90 degrees

It's 90 degrees here!  It was yesterday, too!  To celebrate the warm weather, JJ and I headed to the pool.  I've never been a strong swimmer, so when I tried doing a few laps on the lap side of the pool, I did two and stopped. :)  I think my next purchase will be goggles.  We also checked out our neighborhood weight room/exercise room which will be using tonight. :)  8-12 reps of 8-10 exercises, one for each large muscle group.  That's what I'm prescribing for a good strength training endurance activity today. :)

JJ also surprised me by making dinner!  Thanks, JJ! :)  That meant so much to me!!  We had some delicious hearty sandwiches, veggies and some baked chips and dip!

Then, it was off to pumpkin carving with the girls. :)  I would have to say Kyla and Stephanie were the Pumpkin Carving Queens.  They're so talented!  Megan, I'm sorry to say we have some catching up to do! :)  At least, I do! :)


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