Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my day with sullie

Today was a good day.  I worked half a day and got to play with our nephew, Sullivan.  (a.k.a. Sullie)  After picking him up, we came to my house and he took a long nap.  We played with some fun toys, took a walk, had coffee with Megan and even did some grocery shopping.  Sullie was super excited when his Uncle JJ came home to play with him.  The aunt changes his diaper, gives him his dinner and cuddles him after a nap...but no matter what...he'll always want to go to his uncle.  You see, his uncle throws him in the air, chases him around the house and wrestles him on the ground. It's funny how that works out. :)

 Sullie ran around Barnie's courtyard while Megan and I sipped a vanilla latte!

Thanks, Megan for the coffee and grocery shopping! :)  We had so much fun with you!!
Now, I'm off to bed to recharge from an eventful day. :)

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