Thursday, December 2, 2010

driving with jj

Last night, we were headed to a friend's house for dinner and I snapped this picture while driving.  It was a beautiful sunset. :)  Our friend made a delicious bbq pulled pork sandwich (out of her crock pot), corn, stuffing and salad. MMMMMM. We had a lovely evening all together.  :)

On a side note, Happy December!  This is our second winter in Florida, but I still cannot seem to get used to the idea of people worried about wind chills when it's 40 degrees outside.  To celebrate the Christmas season, I bought a tree from Hobby Lobby yesterday that was 50% off.  I love Hobby Lobby.  It is the place to go for all your craft essentials. :)  I wanted to surprise JJ with the tree, so I got home before he did and set it up.  However, the surprise wasn't so much a surprise when he could see the lights from outside!

I am excited to share all the joy of Christmas that comes with this season as we celebrate our Savior's birth!

Have a wonderful December!! :)

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