Monday, November 1, 2010

hello, my name is soo. i am a certified personal trainer.

 I checked the mail and got this little baby in a big envelope.  The letter said, "Congratulations on passing NETA's Personal Trainer Certification exam!"  So, that's that.  I'm now certified.  JJ was so proud...that made me proud. :)
So, what will I be doing now?  To be honest, I will be signing up for more classes to expand my knowledge of health and fitness and how we can apply these things to our life to create a youthful and energized life.  I don't plan on working at a gym or anything, but if you ever need some helpful advice, I'm your girl!


  1. CONGRATS SOO! i AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You worked hard for that certificate:) Now you need to teach me some healthy habits:)