Monday, November 8, 2010


This weekend was absolutely beautiful here in the sunshine state.  I went to meet a friend for lunch on Friday and wore my boots, a turtleneck and scarf.  It felt like an actual fall day in Minnesota.  It was crisp but warm all at the same time.  On my way to meet my friend for lunch, I saw someone running on the brick streets with her headphones in and I wanted to yell, "Lose the headphones, sister!"  It was way too gorgeous out to blast your ears with music when you could listen to the birds singing and as one of my sweatshirts says, be "One with the World." :)  (That's for you, Sam!) 

No, but honestly, I understand why people listen to music while they pumps them up, gives them a beat to run to, energizes them and keeps them going.  I've used my I-Pod many times's fun!  But I will have to say, when I can feel totally unplugged and just enjoy the actual run, it's the best!

Have you unplugged lately?

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