Tuesday, November 16, 2010

celebrating sam!

Meet Samantha. I like to call her Sam.  She is hilarious, spunky and such a good friend of mine.  Both JJ and I miss and love her very much. :)  I met Sam my freshman year of college in a speech class.  I thought she was a cool girl.  She did a speech on some band--I can't remember which...and had a brand new baby sister.  The next year, my friend Kristy and I needed a room-mate and Sam was randomly placed in our room.  What a God-send. :)  We all hit it off right from the start and continued to room together throughout our college experience. 

Sam has taught me many things.  She introduced me to a delicious treat, Pickle Dip:  Pickles and cream cheese--what else could a person want?!  She never uses a coffee sleeve--it's bad for the environment, doesn't buy plastic water bottles--it's not helpful for the environment, uses her own shopping bags--good for the environment, and loves Jesus--the best thing for everyone.  :)

Sam also loves to go for walks.  We have walked many miles together laughing, analyzing and enjoying one another's company.  However, recently, Sam has starting running!  I think she's hooked. :)  Are you, Sam??  She will hopefully be my guest blogger soon to tell you her running story!

All in all, I miss you much, Sam!  I hope you're having a wonderful snowy day in MN!

Here's to you!  Let's celebrate our friendship!!  :)

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