Thursday, November 4, 2010

we're real adults.

This week JJ and I bought our first coffee maker.  Both of us have never needed a morning cup of coffee to get us going, and rarely drink even a cup a day.  But as we strolled through the Target aisles and saw that the coffee machines were on sale, we thought, "Why not?!"  So, we got a $20 coffee maker, an organic half & half and some cinnamon vanilla nut coffee.  We were so excited to wake up in the morning to share a cup of coffee and watch the Today Show.  When I told my co-worker at work about our purchase she said, "You're real adults now!"  :)  Yes, I guess that's true. 

Even though we have this adult convenience, we don't plan on using it everyday.  We just don't need the extra caffeine.  But for those of you who would like your morning coffee fix, you may want to know how much you really should be drinking.  As I was looking on a Mayo Clinic article, they said that 2-4 cups of brewed coffee are not harmful.  Another site said a safe amount is 3 cups a day.  That's a latte of coffee!!  :)

In my opinion, if you're drinking that much coffee, you must be getting your recommended daily dose of water, which is 10 (8 oz) glasses a day.  80 oz/day.  One helpful way of doing this is to buy a Nalgene bottle.  This way you can see exactly how many ounces you are drinking and the bottle is "indestructable."  :)  Buy one today!!

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