Tuesday, September 21, 2010

our fitness endeavor

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Pam. :)  She is pictured here with her husband, Jeff.  Not only is Pam one of my good friends, a fitness guru, but also my sweet mother-in-law.  :) 

Pam and I first met before JJ and I were ever an official couple.  She and JJ's sister, Kaylie, came to visit us in Minnesota for a Newsboys concert that was hosted at our college.  We hit it off right from the start.  As we got to know one another better, we discovered our shared passion for health and fitness.  It's so funny how you can live miles a part, yet encourage one another through small conversations to keep on working toward a healthy lifestyle.  That's what we do!  It's so great having someone who can keep pushing you through...thanks, Pam! :)

Throughout the years, we've trained for seperate half-marathons, ran in races together, and continued to grow in our exercise passion. 

Therefore, we recently decided to become certified personal trainers! We have been studying our books and are getting ready to head to our seminar and take our test!  Wish us luck!! :)

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