Wednesday, September 29, 2010

$1 Burger Night

Yesterday, we headed to Dexter's in Winter Park for dollar burger night!  That's right...$1.00 for a delicious burger off the grill every Tuesday!

The deal is that every burger comes with lettuce, the bun and burger for $1.00.  Every additional topping is $0.50. 

Looks good, right?!  When I got home I showed JJ the pictures and told him I was so excited to share with you all the pictures. :)  He was surprised I'd put burgers on a health blog, because aren't burgers bad for you?  Well, I was ready to do some research.

After reading this article:

Basically the overview of this is that "lean-red meat/protein" (i.e. hamburger) will help you stay full longer and takes more time to digest.  However, lean and in moderation (size of a deck of cards) is key!

Will I be eating lean red meat everyday?  No.  I just don't have taste buds that would support that...but every once in a while...absolutely. :)

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