Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my three favorite things

Before I was married, I wasn't much of a cook.  For us, we were living big when we made Hamburger Helper. :)  However, after a few rounds of over salted helpings, I decided I better start making some dishes that were not only healthy, but tasty! 

Hummus, Garlic and Basil.  These three ingredients are integarated into many of the snacks and dishes that I consistently prepare.  Hummus with pitas, crackers, pretzels...on sandwiches...delicious.  Garlic sauteed in chicken with vegetables...on pesto chili, in pasta...awesome.  Basil in salads, on sandwiches, on pizza, in!..adds so much.  The aroma of all three is a delectable treat in itself. 

I find that using these flavorful additions can be just what you need to spice up a dish! :)

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