Thursday, August 5, 2010

do you eat before you exercise?

Do you eat before you exercise?  Are we supposed to?  This is a question I haven't been able to figure out for the longest time.  I have gone through phases where I'll drink a cup of water before going out to run and I feel great.  Other times I grab a piece of fruit and out the door I go.  Sometimes I think I eat the right amount, wait the right amount of time...and sideaches, heavy legs, ughh...

Well....for any of you who are curious as to what an expert's what I found out from my go-to-source, Jillian Michaels.  :)

To feel energized to endure a hard workout (yes, please! :) , burn calories, and improve muscle tone, Jillian suggests that we eat 45-60 minutes before working out.  This is so we use the glucose (blood sugar) from the food we eat instead of taking away from our muscles' stored glucose.  Not only will you be feeling great, you'll be working on tackling those fat stores in your body, too!

There's even better news!  After your workout, there's  a period of time called "The Golden Hour."  (about 45-60 minutes after a workout) It is suggested to have a light snack (protein and/or carbs) so that your tired and happy muscles can absorb the most nutrients and your stored glucose is replaced.

For the foodies out there, working out may be your ticket to feeling your best yet!  A meal before and a snack after...yum. :)

If you want to check out the "article," here's the link:

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