Thursday, July 29, 2010

the story behind the name

Last winter, my wonderful husband, JJ and I went to visit his family in the big sky country of Montana.  To seek relief from the cold,  we decided to head for a local coffee shop with JJ's Mom and Grandma.  Because JJ and I are not avid coffee drinkers, we decided to share a drink.  (Something I have become famous for whenever we go out to eat or out for a treat.)  I told him he could choose a drink of his choice.  Before we got to the counter he told me he would be getting a delicious "White Chocolate Mocha."  I nodded in agreement to his choice.  When we got to the counter and they asked for our drink order, JJ could hardly get a word out before I said, "We'll take a Non-Fat Vanilla Latte with half the syrup, please!"  We looked at one another in disbelief of my inappropriate outburst and laughed at my overly health conscious order.

I can honestly say my passion for good health and fitness started when I began my freshman year of college.  Up until then, I was eating Totino's Pizza Rolls, Doritos and drinking Coca-Cola.  During the first week of college I decided that this was the time I had to make a choice of whether or not I would be gaining the "freshman 15."  Since then, I have made healthy living a priority of my life.

To me, sharing the simple things that make health and fitness fun, exciting and inexpensive is why this blog exists! 

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